An ode to the past. I cant take you into the future.

October 15, 2009
By pixiedusthero SILVER, Hudson, Florida
pixiedusthero SILVER, Hudson, Florida
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"Were all mad here"

I used to know everything about you.
Used to be your best friend.
I knew every little detail, even the one's you kept well hid.
I can remember we had our own language.
We could laugh all day and make up our own stories.
One's that put my novels to shame.
"Ekiwawa" was just one of the many.
We had a connection, wave link we called it.
How was that severed?
How did our minds become unwound?
You've moved on from me now, found a place in a whole new scene.
The one thing you always wanted.
You left me behind and didn't even say good bye.
I was blind sighted.
We didn't even know it was happening til' it was too late.
Maybe we thought if we didn't address it the issue would slowly fade.
But my scars still remain.
So, you're part of a whole new crowd.
You're so much different now.
And as I type the thing I picture in my twisted psychosis- ridden mind is
you standing aroung with your friends and laughing. You look so happy and it
takes me back to sixth grade when you used to hang out with the cool kids and
you looked exactly the same.
You looked so fake.
I know that you're not as happy as your laughter and bubbly demeaner show to
people you are.
Do your new friends know that too?
Were you unhappy in the small group of ordinary geeks you used to hang out
with too?
So tell me,
you have what you wanted.
Is it what you thought it would be?
Are you happy to be?

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