Nice Little Man (NLM)

October 15, 2009
Oh come on.
Did I really let you know.
That you inspired me?
How silly.
How naive.
Have I really gone to be that weak.
You were so enigmatic.
A pretty head on a battered corpse.
A walking dead boy with a heart beat.
Oh, I know, your life is so hard.
I dont see how you can bear to be.
How these silly girls all fawn.
And to my disgust I might have been one of them.
Though my glasses werent quite so rosey.
But I thought that made you unique.
I dont know what makes someone feel the need to be so cruel.
So blatently unkind.
Didn't your mother ever teach you manners?
I dont know why I didnt see it before.
Dont waste your time on somebody that doesnt care to know who you are.
Just leave them.
They like to stay cold and alone.
Give up the ghost.
Im glad you're walking out that door.
But before you leave.
Remember how I said you inspired me to base a character on you?
Well, truth be told.
He ended up taking his own life.
If he ever had one to begin with that is.

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