Heart Lives on... No More

October 14, 2009
By LaNae McShirley BRONZE, Longview, Washington
LaNae McShirley BRONZE, Longview, Washington
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If I could, I would Take out my heart,
and Live on without it there.
It's not so easy to live with it..
You fall into love, Obsession, Angst.
There is Lying, Cheating, Disgracfulness, Shame.
You feel like nothing in the world can stop this feeling,
You are all so very wrong,
there is thoughts, very bad thoughts..
then you get urges, which turn to anger, or maybe even danger.
You want to talk about this, They don't.
You feel used, like all they wanted was to hurt you.
Lost, Broken, and Confused..
Stupid Girl, all you can do now is cry.
Cry out your heart, Scream out loud!
No one can hear you now, no one cares.
Painful tears, turn into backstabbing knives...
Is this what you wanted? To feel like a pile of nothing?
To feel like all the alcohol in the world can't numb the pain?
To Feel like there is nothing else that can satify your hunger for love, for wanting, or for needing them?
You Have done nothing wrong, yet it feels to so, an enemy, a stranger, can reconize the pain, they use it against you,
beat you on the side of the street, or in the mind game that is being catched into play, you feel like there is nothing left but a bloody, beaten Heart, and you can live on with it...

no more....

The author's comments:
My Ex..

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