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October 14, 2009
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Hands Shaking,
Breath Taking,
Such a Dirty mess.
Forgetful faces,
Very Familar Places..
Memories Like a Time Reel,
Not Forgetting How You Feel,
Tasting Lips,
Nothing But a Kiss.
Heart Breaking,
Smiles faking..
Bleeding on the inside out,
Feeling Something Without a Doubt,
You Can Hide it no longer..
The Pain growing Stronger..
Like a Time Ticking Bomb,
You Never Felt So Wrong.
He Won't Leave Your Head,
She Was Often Misled,
Sad Eyes,
Not So Innocent Flirts.
She Was On Your Mind,
Im Falling Behind,
Shes Winning This War,
You're Turning into nothing but a whore.
I Trusted You,
All My Hate Just Grew,
Jealousy, Drivin me mad,
You made me Feel nothing but sad,
I Loved You,
I Might Still Do..
Erasing the Past,
I'll Never Forget you!
Trying to let go..
Feeling your love, so long ago..
Use To Cutting my Wrists,
My Heart is Ruined..Getting Rid of Everything that Exists.
Can't You Leave My Dreams?!
So I Cant Live A Lie?!
Maybe If Others Heard our Story,
They would Feel what I use too..
I use To Feel love, Now you just make me cry..
Leave Me Forever With nothing But This..
Nothing But a Dream Built on a Forgetful Kiss.

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