A Summer Song

October 14, 2009
Summer flew by

around like hands on a clock

a constant tick of a metronome
we could never stop...

Wake up, coffee with...

what are you eating-a taco?
Barefoot, Sundress, braided hair by your best friend
Explore the world around you:

trees are taller, creeks are deeper
Root beer floats, frapachinos, and tank tops by day

Swimming in the morning

or maybe the afternoon
Blaring our music all too loud

-totally worth it

In our hide away

sour skittles littered the floor.
Every Sound

Too Loud

Late for curfew?

(didn't know we had one)

Dinner bells, embaressing stories...

...Lost accents and childhood slang
End it all by a bonfire or on a Swing set meant for those UNDER 12 YEARS
Being Seventeen before we weren't...
All to the Tune of a Summer Song.

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