To Vie For

October 14, 2009
Your eyes are right,
but your perception is not.
And with your blind
eyes you see me.
And with your blind eyes
you do not
see pompousness,
and haughtiness in
those who cover it
with false debonairness
and acumen.
And you do not see
my coyness for what it is.
That you do not
see, with your
beautiful eyes,
that it is you
that I am keen.
For you, I would
forever vie.

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writerscramp said...
Nov. 1, 2009 at 2:32 pm
T.R, Why didn't you listen to me?!? on the forums. i feel soooo bad for you! but this poem, this is good stuff, oh yes it is.
*SIGH* T.R, another girl WILL come along. i know it sounds cliche, but when your lest expecting it. if you need anyhelp, post under my "helping hand" forum, or post on a story/bad poem of mine. kk? id prefer the forum tho! unless u really want to comment.
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