Words of Indignation / Revelations of Inhumanity

October 14, 2009
By smoore13 BRONZE, Penis, Alaska
smoore13 BRONZE, Penis, Alaska
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“Grant me the power of words,
So that I may rule the earth.
Let all hear my voice
And be deceived by the hallow promises of my tongue
For I am loved,
A loyalty unpaid

I shall rule for riches alone
Acquiring wealth to appease my insatiable greed
I shall slay those who would appose me with vehement lies,
And no remorse shall follow.
I am God among men
All will heed my word.
All will die by my sword.”


“You, infinitely wise,
Shepard of the weak.
I stand by you alone,
I obey your perfect word.

You, commander of the stars, savior of men
How gracious it is,
That I may fight for your will,
Spilling the blood of your sworn enemies.

How I weep!
For what do I pursue?
Why must I suffer endlessly?
For the honor of your name,
The power that you seek?
I can no longer stand the task imposed…

The eyes of death have not pierced your soul,
This carrion, not of the ones you love,
This blood flowed not through your hands.
I fight no longer,
I march no further.
The inhumanity it may be.”

You are not exceptional
You are not essential.
The reflection of countless stories told
The predictable nature of your humanity

Your reign on Earth will end,
By a power beyond what you conceive
The tyrant immortal,
Who gives and takes from all
Amused, by your own conceived divinity.

I pity your life,
So wide a void,
So much flesh gone to waste.

The author's comments:
The first part of this poem was something i wrote about a year ago, but in creative writing, one of the assignments was to take out an old piece of writing and work on it.This is the result.

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