If These Walls Could Speak: My Single Dad's Story

October 14, 2009
By RandiBeggs BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
RandiBeggs BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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If these walls could speak,
much more would be revealed.
The truth itself begins to leak;
the exterior is peeled.

The smiles we show
say so much more with makeup wiped away.
They change to broken hearts
and worn out prayers for a brighter day.

So much we hide behind our mask:
the fights, the tears, the pain.
We cower behind our daily task
washing memories away with rain.

Working hard let no one see
the things we’re supposed to hush.
Do everything you possibly can
forgetting’s easier when you rush.

She’s gone and he feels overwhelmed,
but what else can I do.
I try so hard with everyday,
but it’s not always enough for you.

Study hard, make it right, excel in all you do,
but it doesn’t patch things up around here
no matter how I will it to.

So what’s the point in working hard,
being the best at what I do.
Its because all I want to, need to hear
is your occasional “I’m proud of you.”

It may not seem that I know very much,
but I know this much is true.
Everything I do in life;
I do because of you.

You think you’re terrible at this job;
the worst man at your trade.
But what you can’t really seem to grasp
is that you’re the best dad ever made.

So if these walls could speak
I think I know just what they’d say.
No matter how much hurt we’ve seen
there will be a brighter day.

The author's comments:
My parents divorce has been really tough on my entire family, but especially on my dad. He works so hard every single day to give my sister and I every opportunity out there with no help from my mom. I love him so much and what him to know how much i apperciate everything he has done for me.

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