He Has To Make a Choice

October 14, 2009
By Dana6 PLATINUM, Ashburn, Virginia
Dana6 PLATINUM, Ashburn, Virginia
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He has to make a choice, he has his chance
He needs to get it right
He’s got a beautiful girl with him tonight
He knows what he wants
He likes who he’s found
He has to make a choice as her dress falls to the ground
He’s been hurt so many times before
He’s woken up so many times to find
He was loved by her only in his mind
He’s been woken up by the shutting of a door
He would reach across the bed for her hand
He would realize he was the victim of another one night stand
He has to make a choice as she stands there and waits
He wants love but should he settle for lust
He doesn’t know if his intentions are just
He weighs the pleasure with the possible pain
He remembers all the tears he shed
He remembers all those mornings he awoke alone in bed
He has to make a choice as he walks towards her
He picks up her dress from the ground
He hands it to her without a sound
He looks at her choosing his words
He waits to speak as she puts her dress back on
He says “I’m sorry but this just feels wrong”
He made a choice to do what’s right
He waits for love his intentions are just
He denies his body and refuses his lust
He tells her how he feels and what he wants
He sees her smile as tears roll down her cheeks
He will marry that girl in one year and three weeks

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