October 16, 2009

Face as ravishing as an
ivory dove,
fluttering through the pink,
fluffy clouds,
was all that was cascading through my mind.
Head as perfectly round,
and as exquisite,
as a newly fallen acorn,
straight from the evergreen.
Hair as gentle,
and as fair,
as a soft,
wooly blanket
lain across my exhausted body
after a frightfully unending day.
Eyes as dazzlingly magnificent
as a sparkling,
shining pool of water,
crystal-clear in the sleeping sun’s dying rays
of golden wonder.
Nose as incredulous,
and as flawless,
as a streaming,
flowing river,
sliding slowly,
and soundlessly,
over the smooth,
gray stones
penetrating through the water.
Mouth as meticulous,
and as stunning,
as a sudden flash of lightning,
striking a pale knife
through the ebony sky,
shattering the twinkling stars.
Nothing could be fractured,
nothing could be amiss,
nothing could possibly be corrupt about this face,
wildly alive in the world
with its angelic features,
petrifying any who pass by,
unable to sustain the beauty,
and magnificence,
of this one,
wonderfully elegant,
impeccable face.
It was now quenching my desperate thirst
for something right in this
crooked world of ours.
It was creeping up my shivering spine
and satisfying the hunger,
that had enveloped me,
for pure good.
Here it was before me,
glowing like the outline
of a steaming candle,
the wax dripping down the side,
warning you of burned skin
if too close.
Though I sauntered forward,
without a single care,
and I reached out to that face,
and I touched it.
I slid my finger down it,
feeling the softness of the skin on my fingertips.
I slowly smiled up at this face,
and that was when
the heavenly face
smiled back.

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