October 12, 2009
As I write in you,
I tell you secrets,
Secrets of my life.
These secrets start to form stories
Then the stories form my life,
Well at least part of it.
There may be many of thee,
But no matter how many you will always be trusted.
For you are my nice quiet little journal

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tj12321 said...
Oct. 21, 2009 at 9:43 pm
shh, dont tell anyone but i use to keep a journal. I did not like to write in it much, but when i did i was able to write what was on my mind, even secrets that i did not want other people to read. I did not put very personal stuff in it because it did not have a lock and i did not want people to read my deepest darkest secrets. Ha ha. Great job=0 =) :0 :)
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