just die

October 12, 2009
buckle up for safety
wrap around my finger
stop me from moving forward
teach me to not remember
drive by slowly
music blaring through the street
i roll on wheels
you walk on concrete
slang out of our mouths
is this how we've grown up
or were we taught to love
love that's just corrupt
time to focus
turn the wheel
press the brake down
stop to if its still real
what a look
never stare
but when everythings different
its hard to just grin and bare
Mr. fix it
in a bottle of brown
with liquid so disdainful
and a buzz profound
wheres my lighter
all the windows shut
dont light that in here
a scream of "but!!!'s..."
but dont leave me waiting
but dont let me go
but dont say something you dont mean
but lies are all you know
ice in a glass
melt with me
im running dry
without you im nothing
break the silence
words unspoken
get out of my car
i wanted to choke him
he cant listen
i cant understand
so it was going nowhere
like farmer dying for his land
a sailor and a leaky boat
a dog without his bark
a friend with no conversation
us laying here in the dark
flowers grow
birds will sing
doors will still be open
my phone will still ring
and i cant say sorry
if im not the one that's wrong
but i do fell awfully stupid
waiting for you even this long
and im sure another year will pass
and nothing stays the same
but i still wont have your attention
and ill always be the one you blame
dreams are just images trapped inside my head
thoughts of you aren't for nights alone
so im caught and bound to live this life of dread
goodnight my horrid daydreams
and tomorrow ill come around to my senses
but never really forgetting im waiting
for us to come down from our fences

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heaven said...
Oct. 21, 2009 at 11:25 am
i really like this a lot!!
good writing keep writing as well!!
you have the hand of a writer!!
beautiful piece i love it!! 5 stars(:
kirids said...
Oct. 18, 2009 at 6:17 pm
that was great. i like how you never directly mention what your talking about, it's kindof like implied, i like the part of liquid so brown and things of that nature. good job!
justjessie replied...
Oct. 19, 2009 at 3:08 am
thanks for the feedback! i guess i like to put my life situations in perspective. and im kinda shy about directly calling people out in my poems. (: thanks
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