game over

October 12, 2009
it was that funny
i laugh everytime it comes to my mind
i cant help but smile when i think about when you were mine
and i still don't do what i was taught
and im still told i don't have a shot
i still joke at times to cry
and i still think its funny when you tell me to just die
making fun of your anger is amusing
and im still not over how u thought i was using
i lied to see how you would react
and everytime it was all an act
i knew the truth but it was cracking me up
to see you under the gun and outta luck
another laugh out loud when you yell and scream
and i show all my friends when you send a message that's mean
we get our kicks out of you getting mad
because i knew all the little things that make you bad
i used your words against you
i played mind games galore
and of coarse i came out on top
always with the highest score
i know i could beat you up until this day
but i see now that i was wrong
because lately you haven't wanted to play
so i guess its game over and when all the pieces are found
put away the game without a victorious sound
close the book to a closed off mind
it ends with me as the bad guy
and i cant make it right
i wish i could sneak my way out of this one
or lie, cheat, deceive till i get you back
my face in a royal flush
but i guess that's what i get for keeping all the aces in my stack.

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archon said...
Oct. 19, 2009 at 2:28 am
great poem, i really like it. also glad you snapped out of that state of mind
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