October 11, 2009
By DollFace SILVER, Eatonville, Washington
DollFace SILVER, Eatonville, Washington
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Come here,

Sit down.

I know things are hard right now.

I won't promise that things will get better.

Although i truely wish i could.

Close your eyes,

Lean in close,

And listen to my heart beat,

It will all be over soon enough.

Life will go on,

I can promise you that.

The world will keep spinning,

It doesn’t care if your breathing or not.

With or with out you,

The clock will keep ticking,

The sun wil still warm the earth,

And the moon and stars will light the night.

So why not stay to enjoy it?

Life may be hard at times,

But that’s all part of the test.

The test that separates the weak and the strong.

The choice can not be made for you,

It is all your own.

Its something every one needs to realize,

And the sooner the better!

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