The Journey

October 11, 2009
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I search to find meaning but there is no truth.
I give but a glance in all directions
North South East West
There is no guiding arrow to lead me down the correct path
Options Risks Causes Effects
Lurk beneath every Stone along the way
The minute one loose piece of gravel is upturned
the entire journey which lays beyond is changed
Wishes Hopes Dreams Goals
All play a part in the decisions to be made
but when life finally raises to it's full potential of defeat
all of those deciding factors become dust
in the wind and are blown away
Always Sometimes Forever Never
Become a way of living
Never is just a word and forever
is an old past-time on the brink or oblivion
Friendship Kindred Joy Ignorance
Finally come together to create the perfect drug
to numb the pain and to succumb one's mind
with blissful laughter
Romance Passion Love Loss
Are the complications and obstacles that tend
to either form murky waters stranding you on an island
left alone to wallow in self pity
or to bring forth the lighted bridge
rising above all outside pressures and expectations
and simply forming a new path
all in it's own entirety as a gateway
up to Heaven itself.

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3Fran said...
Nov. 30, 2011 at 6:52 pm
This is really good + I like the way you write words, after you ideas ex: "Wishes Hopes Dreams Goals"
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