The Apology

October 11, 2009
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I don't know, I don't know
I've said it so many times I'm about to explode
The confusion is beginning to take it's toll
as all my questions silently
tear apart my soul
As I gaze into the night sky
I ask myself: is he even the right guy?
Are our two hearts means to coincide
or am I not allowed to
feel this warmth inside?
Am I destined to forever be blind
or will I see something behind those eyes?
My timing isn't exactly on the dot
your love, I always seem to leave,
alone to rot
I'm kind of slow when it comes to that
and I can't help that subtle fact
I guess I'm afraid of love
Since all my life
I was told to be tough
When it comes down to it
I can't go through with it
I get confronted and I get scared
of what would happen
if we were paired
I think of my friends and I think of my family
and what they would say if they heard of this anomaly
I'm so sorry and I hope you will forgive me
for truly with this cowardice I still
can't bear to leave thee
I know it's cruel and I know it's wrong
that I would leave you to believe for so long

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