Her Story...

October 11, 2009
By , Medford, NY
locked in the room,
with no one around,
locked in a room,
making no simple sound,
fears grips her mind,
tears wraps her soul,
making her heart hung,
and unholy.
Her hearts only held in place
by lose tied string...
any min,
any sec,
its going to fall...
this heart can't mend,
this spirit can't be free,
this hurt can't end,
can't you see?
she hides all the pain,
in the dark,
she leaks out the shame,
see the mark?
the monster lurks in the shadow...
haunts her memories,
and soul.
she’s crying out,
begging to be free.
but no ones listening,
no one seems to care.
she feels sick,
only on the inside.
because her uncle had touched something
of hers,
that should never be touch,
making her feel dirty....
and perverted....

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