The Pastor and the Athiest

October 10, 2009
Where does the Pastor go when he dies and rises to the sky?
Is it to Heaven and to God? To live in the forever nirvana that lies past the gates? To a world of white, of happy, of love, and to the sweet tenderness of being held in God's glove, risen up to the above. For he believes in the glory of God.

Where does the Athiest go when he dies, and so still he lies? For his heart has stopped beating and his blood no more bleeding, but no God shall capture him, for he does not believe. The tales in the Bible too crazy to concieve. No soul does he have, no more shall he be for he does not believe that Heaven awaits thee.

But both are two people, and both shall once die. Both must go somewhere to peacefully lie. But who is correct? Whose side shall be true? That is the question my friends, what happens when it all ends? There must be an answer, but no one shall ever know. Where on this Earth do we all go?

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