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October 10, 2009
If my life was a movie,
it would go straight to video.
Hard-working families live day after day with unrelenting feelings of financial instability ,
living in a world where money equals the key to overbearing corruption and dismay.
Me, myself, and I stand alone rejecting conformity, disowning lies and other malevolent entities.
I have become an army of one,
battling the ends that justify my means.
My future lay upon me, like a foreshadowing enigma of some sort.
Time will run out.
I don't know if I will escape the cushioned cacoon my parents have so graciously engulfed me in.
My life lays in my own hands.
It is within myself the power to change and become a different me.
A positive and successful light that will never be extinguished.
My light will shine on for future adolescents to look upon in awe and content.
My life is an open book,
so read on and discover a masterpiece of literary talent.
If my life was a movie,
I would be my biggest critic.

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