You Are The Only Person I Think About

October 10, 2009
Day after day, I think of you.
Your blond hair, like the sand; so many different shades.
Your laugh; when you laugh all I can do is blush.
You have never said the most powerful words I know to me: I love you.
but I dream every night of you saying those three simple words to me.
I dream of you and me being together forever.
I dream of me walking down the isle, and you being at the end of the isle.
You are the only one, who makes me happy,
but I know you don’t dream of me.
I don’t think you even notice me.
Everyday that I see you my love for you grows stronger and stronger.
I never want you to leave,
if you leave, I do not know what I would do.
The one day I try to speak to you,
you run.
My heart has broken into a million pieces,
and you don’t even try to clean up the mess.

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