This Glass Heart

October 10, 2009
By writer94 BRONZE, McAllen, Texas
writer94 BRONZE, McAllen, Texas
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Lay down the foundation
Breath heat in the mold
With an amalgam of colors, show your intention
Then leave it so cold

Watch the embers twist and flicker
Around the reflective facade
Shape and change it, never wither
To your creation they will applaud

Let the light flow
Watch the prisms dance
Yet only you know
These prisms; they don't stand a chance

You had begun to build it from the start
The object in question
A Glass Heart
Absent of affection

Forge a jagged hammer
Easier to destroy than create
Observe your work in all its glamour
Crack the glass, kindle fate

The hammer beats down
The Heart shatters, a miasma slithers through
Give up your crown
Bestow it to the one your never knew

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