Null (Irrational Duality)

October 10, 2009
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What if I could toss away
This withered cracked facade
What if I could purge myself
Of this altered, distorted shadow

Stare at my inadequacies in the black mirror
Reach out and grasp what's on the other side
Stare at the negative aspect
An intangible enigma

Because every coin has two sides
So don't I?
Because every story has two tales to tell
Burn the other side black

Negate the contrast
Would I still be myself?
Negate the empty steps
Would I only see out of one eye?

Sever the head of duality
There would be no balance
Sever the head of the blackened
The light cannot survive without the dark

In this moment of diffusion, I
Could see without myself
In this moment of separation, I
Could try to read between the lines.

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