It makes me happy just to know you love me

October 10, 2009
Times have gotten tough
but your love was always enough
I didn't know how to act
But our love was always the fact
I wanted to change how i feel
but i couldn't change what was real
it took me a while to figure things out
and in the end i wasn't left with a doubt
I know that this happened for a reason
it seemed like only a change of season
now its time to make things new,
and i finally know what i'm supposed to do
ive been changing, trying to make things right
because sometimes all love needs is a fight
i know you love me, and thats all i need
and this is going to help us succeed
i've realized i don't have to always hear i love you
because i can see it through everything you do
i couldn't remember the most important thing
that everything lies in the hand of the King
i know now all the things i should
and i've realized this was for the good
I just want you to see all the things i see
and know, it makes me happy just to know you love me

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