The Game of Life, You Can Never Give Up

October 10, 2009
The Game of Life, You Can Never Give Up

I seem to believe in myself, that I can do anything I want
But really I have doubt in myself, like a small prey in a hunt

I seem to be interested in the plans of my friends and classmates for their future
But really I am intimidated, disheartened that they’ve figured out the whole picture

I seem to think that I have opportunities and chances to succeed in life
But really I’m petrified and the thought of failing everything is like being cut by a blunt knife

I seem to strive for accomplishments, I refuse to lose
But really I’m hoping for tomorrow, because its my life to choose

I seem to work hard in everything everyday, sure that I’ll succeed
But really I am torn up and dispirited, so close to being a victim of defeat

I seem to be unstoppable and willing to bleed
But really I’m pushing and pushing, just trying to proceed

I seem to be held together with my feet planted firmly in the ground
But really I feel like an old abandoned building, ready to give up and fall down

I seem to go hard forever, giving everything my all
But really I deserve to prevail, to break through every wall

I seem to be a fighter for what I want, struggling until I’m emotionally bloody
But really I feel, that in this world, I am nothing important, nobody

I seem to have the support of many people, when you first look at me
But really I am sure that no one cares about what I hope and want to be

I seem to like challenges and no one can determine my place
But really I feel that through every life test, I can’t stop falling on my face

I seem to be willing to struggle, battle and grind
But really I’m trying to beat the odds; that is how I’m designed

I seem to be following my goals, stride for stride to match them
But really I’m hunting down my dreams, and not being able to catch them

I seem to be a warrior for anything I desire, viewing my needs and laying claim
But really I am just a persevering player… trying hard to stay in the game

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