October 10, 2009
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I can never be
a hawk, soaring
through the sky, seeking my prey,
full speed ahead.

I would never be
a lion, acting ferocious,
though I nap
beneath shady trees
while lionesses hunt for
my food.

I don’t want to be
a wasp
blinded by fury
Even when
They don’t deserve it
until I die.

I could never be
a police officer
always searching
for those doing wrong,
Paid to see,
the bad,
not the good.

I would never be
a principal
at least not one
who acts deadly, but really
lays around all day,
leaving all the work
to subordinates

I can never be
a soldier, gun
in my arms,
in a place
where I must
to keep from spilling
the blood of another

I will always be
who I am;
what I am
always guided by
the things I can never be.
Things I can never be?
Anything other than
the girl,
the one you see.

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