Body Comparison

October 10, 2009
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My head is like a bag,
That holds everything in it,
My eyes are like tigers eyes,
That are always watching,
My mouth is like a race car ,
That is going as fast as it can,
My teeth is like a shiny white bowl,
That is shining in the light,
My ears are like deer's ears,
That are listening for excitement,
My hair is like a horse tail
Shiny, smooth, and dark brown,
My neck is like a skinny tree stomp,
Short and thin,
My heart is like a beating drum,
Going to a thumping rhythm,
My legs move fast like a mountain lion,
Running as fast as I can,
My feet are like rabbits feet,
They are always hopping towards the lunch room,
My smile is like the warm sun,
Brightening someone’s day,
My eyebrows are like mountains,
That go up when I am surprise,
My brain is like a turtle,
Slow but understanding,
My muscles are like a twig,
Skinny useless,
My bones are like gravity,
It keeps everything in place,

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