whats the point

October 10, 2009
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Finally, somethings right,
but only one
the bad outwieghs the good
to much pain
to much hurt
one weekend of happiness
one week of pain and agrueing
one thing to live for
can be torn away by one little mistake
sadness ouywieghs the happy
when im with you, im perfect
when im not, whats the point of living
whats the damn point in this horrid life
truely what is?
people ask whats wrong
people say im over reacting
people say, but do they know
the answer is no
how could they?
they live happy little lives
not me
every good thing. a bad one follows
taking it away
ripping it
ruining it
whats the point?
one answer,
my love and my friends,
but they might leave
and when they do
as will i.

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