teenage love

October 10, 2009
By , Brooklyn, NY
i fell in love
sometime in june
wit a guy i hardly knew
he was the best
he beat the rest
and i was in love...at that time i guess

we had some fun
than days to come
he made me sad
and i had to run
i ran so fast so fast i ran
that i stumbled over his heart
but i failed to understand
so i kept running but soon was out of breath
so i picked up his heart and put it back in his chest

Although we had our ups and downs
i didnt know noone was perfect
so i always found myself asking this same simple question
was this relationship worth it?
and when i found the answer to be no like a green light id go
id go so far away his heart couldnt take the stray
it was like a sudden death
so i picked up his heart and put it back in his chest

the heart can only die but so many deaths
and he than soon decided to give his tired heart a rest
he decided the harder you try the faster you fall
so he thought i never loved him at all
and he had so much regret
so he left with my heart
and never came back
and there was noone there to put my heart back into my chest

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dymiindprincess8 said...
Jan. 29, 2010 at 9:08 am
i liked it..u lost me at a cuple of lines..couldve been better but i likeed it i understood wat u were trying 2 say abt the relationship
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