Man's Last Vision of Wishs

October 10, 2009
By MasterKFJ96 SILVER, South Hempstead, New York
MasterKFJ96 SILVER, South Hempstead, New York
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"Anger is a constant equation, Reason is the variable."

No swifter of a sword, I rather be peirced by then love.
No softer than her words cresecing my ears; are a flowers' petals.
No greater pride,
than a man in his own home.
No better relief, when a debt paid in full,
Than the rain from a waterfall splashing upon a canvass of land.
No greater power, than when my body has risen from the remains of war ashes; is a lion's roar or a wolf's howl.
No greater day of the end, than peace, when questions are answered, differences set aside, fear denounced,
An all will be embraced.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by the fact, that people for the world to be in a position then it is now. That tensions between countries will ease and global warming will be stoped.

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