Nieghborhood Sunset

October 9, 2009
I sit here, up the hill
upon this lonely stair.
Looking down on the street,
the cars passing by,
the teens playing on the court.
Looking up at the cloudless sky
that stretches above me.
The sun slowly sets.
painting a blend of colors
on this clear canvas.
The night comes
quickly yet somehow unnoticed
like a sly serpent in the grass
The sun dips beyond the herizon
And leaves the silowet
Of the trees in its wake
The street lamps flicker on,
as do the stars.
Here, then there
and soon they dot the sky.
The teens in the b-ball court
soon leave their game
and head home.
The cars pass by still,
their headlights dully glowing
like bright, unknowing eyes.
The night has fully come
so, i rise from my spot
upon this outlook.
Leaving my lonely stair
I pass by the dark, empty playground
and the elementary school
Who's windows lay
Cold and blank.
Above the moon shines dilligently,
Full tonight.
On i go, making my way home
Deep in my own thoughts.
Marveling at the quiet,
Unnoticed beauty
Of a common
Nieghborhood sunset

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