October 9, 2009
By Anonymous


Tall, massive balls standing tall.
Children coming calmly,
Captivating the leaves,
Swaying in the breeze.
Like free money
Falling out of the sky.

As you walk, the leaves
Talk like stepping on a bag
Of crisp chips crunching loudly

Trees, they look like a chameleon
With all its different colors.
And as the leaves fall,
You can smell aroma,
Filling the air,
For all to smell and admire.

We need to learn to care,
About these trees
Swaying in the air.
If people learn to do their part
And help by cleaning up parks,
Then the trees will be jubilant
With their leaves to admire.
But people need to be inspired.

The author's comments:
This piece depicts the colors & meanings behind the leaves falling off trees.

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