Remembering You

October 9, 2009
By <3Vballismylife<3 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
<3Vballismylife<3 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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you’re wearing a cubs hat backwards and smiling at me
i look away shyly
is this how it’s supposed to be?
everyone always acts different
it happens a different way
but what about me?
no it will be different
i promise you say
i look at you questioning your eyes
they are too solid and dark brown for me to decipher
it’s worth a shot
i don’t know what i’m getting into,
they say
but i want this so bad
i smile and
say okay
so are we good, you ask
i nod and you opens your arms
and give me a hug
i know i’m making a mistake
but at least it’s one that i’ll like for now
i walk away and shake my head
why can’t I stop this?
you’re an addiction
you’re like a drug
everywhere I go
things remind me of you
that bench
this table
that tree
the first time you kissed me
i was wearing this shirt
those jeans
and those shoes
the memories bring happiness
but also pain
and sadness
i always miss you
until you ask me again
these three words
are we good?
i wish i could say no but
i can’t stop loving you
thinking about you
dreaming about you
remembering you

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