That One, Great, Silver Lining

October 9, 2009
By Honesty'sRevival SILVER, Alexander City, Alabama
Honesty'sRevival SILVER, Alexander City, Alabama
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Air masses above the valley blow gently, softly, caressing, and push the silver-lined clouds along their destined paths through the sky.

As the once-great silver lining lives on it expands to the center of the cloud.. The cloud passes in front of the sun after a brief period of greatness and the silver lining deepens into black. The proud cloud of gold deepens into a thunderhead, signaling a veritable maelstrom of confusion, a torrent of avarice, and suspense at what's to come.

As the storm begins to rage a single bolt of lightning falls towards the ground, the signal of the beginning of the end. One final, bright, outstanding burst of passion, that leaves behind a vacuum as the two, now raging masses rush towards each other, only no longer for embrace, but for an all out war. The heavens cry out in desperation as the entities collide, in the same spot where they had once caressed each other, never fighting, once caring. Again and again the entities collide, neither side giving in, neither side slowing down for the thunder to lose its power.

But as all must, the storm eventually breaks. The sound of the raging thunder ceases, and sunlight again shines. The black thunderhead breaks apart into a million pieces, the silver lining scattered throughout the sky, Soon it will reform, again becoming the symbol of happiness so sought out in our daily lives. But will it again darken, or will it be here to stay? Regardless of what happens in the beginning, the end, or anywhere in between, there will always be a silver lining. Will you let the silver lining again follow its "destined" path through the skies, only to yet again become a blackened monstrosity? Or will you force it away from the powers of the winds themselves to keep it gold and silver-lined forever?

Whether it develops into a golden cloud of pleasure or a black thunderhead of despair, all rests on your shoulders.

Just don't ever forget that silver lining, lying in wait for you to do with it what you will.

It's your life.
And these are the days worth living.

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Omg she kinda looks like live in the face


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