Sometimes I Wish

October 9, 2009
By , Dusseldorf, Germany
I hate to see the hope in your eyes every day.
I hate to know that I’m burning your heart away.
I miss the days when you used to put a smile on my face,
I miss the feeling I used to get when you put your arms around my waist,
And I’m not sure what to do.
Sometimes I wish I had it in me to love you.

I never thought that I could look into your eyes and lie,
I know that the truth will hurt, and so I just deny.
Will I ever learn to love, or will I run away?
Would you still want to be with me if I told the truth today?
I hate to think this life’s always lose-lose.
Sometimes I wish I had it in me to love you.

The sound of your voice always tears me apart,
I should’ve just stayed away from the start.
I’m never there, you deserve better than me.
I should just pack my bags and leave.
Someone will pick up the broken pieces of you,
I just need to accept that I never loved you.

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