P.A. girl

October 12, 2009
i really dont give a ***what u have to say,
everyone lies and the lies are all the same.
once your gone, your gone for good
dont call me when u think u should.
your name is unimportant to defend when *** is said
if your not my friend to me your dead.
if this drink is gone before im in my place
ill get another and ask u to say it to my face.
i remember you like yesterday
and i can wake up to slides and foam trays
but your not on this side
your home after the 5 month ride.
u cant see how much your needed here
or anywhere but i wont shed a tear
for they rain down and drowned all thats ok
and thats really all that it is, just ok.
nothing is good or simple as it seems
thats y i write to say exactly what i mean
but none of this is explaining how i feel
because on blog or paper its not really real.
i couldn't wait till august now it seems may is too far
if u dont come to me ill come to where u are.
i know u know more then id like
but u took your time and stayed by my side.
read this and u know my handwriting the same
missing you more and no ones to blame.

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