Destroyed Masterpiece

October 9, 2009
By , Meriden, CT
It’s time we talk, talk about what’s between you and me.
Lately things haven’t been the same and I’m tired of you playing these games with my mind.
Our time together use to be so continuous, now you’re not calling or showing up anymore and acting a little too suspicious.
My friends tell me not to trust you anymore, but I need to know why you’ve been putting me off for so long.
Was it me, was it you, or did we just grow apart. I need to know if this was all my fault.
What happened to our love, it use to be so picture perfect. Now is what use to be our framed masterpiece is another relationship tossed aside?
So is this it? Is it the end of what’s supposed to be you and me?
Before I turn around and mend this heart of mine, I need you to answer this one question for me that’s been on my mind, why.
Why did we fall apart?
Why did you look away and have nothing to say?
Why didn’t we confront this until today?
There are so many questions running through my mind. But, I think it’s finally time we say goodbye.

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