Late Night

October 8, 2009
By xMamiexMalicex SILVER, Mcleansboro, Illinois
xMamiexMalicex SILVER, Mcleansboro, Illinois
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Not a quote but a favorite line: "She says live up to your first impression, well my best side was your worst invention, can't you live without the attention?"

It's going to be a late night...
I know your safe under your blankets sleeping
while my thoughts are all that cover me
i am mostly bare
I wonder if you're dreaming...
the street light moths are all huddled under the neon glow
and i'm wanting to run but have nowhere to go
I just want to know...what goes on under those layers
you lay it on so thick sweetie...
and I know when I look up at the stars that your out there somewhere
but it doesn't comfort me like it used to
I just want to know that your comfortable with your own decisions...
isn't it sickening the feeling of containment?
nothing can beat the feeling of abandoment
just running against the breeze forgetting everything
and everyone
I'd really like to feel that free
you pull it off well when you try it on
but sweetheart it doesn't have the fit of a glove
it's only the thought that's so facinating...
and you pull it off so well when you just walk away
it's a late night calm, your breath, even me out.
it's a late night serene, those lies, i'm calling you out. you paint such a pretty picture but you've never appreciated the art of it all
close my eyes and just forget you ever called
but sleep evades me
it's going to be a late night...

The author's comments:
I finally found a way to describe my nights. I mostly look at the stars and think...

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