My sob story of life

October 8, 2009
By Caitlin Holton BRONZE, Windsor, New York
Caitlin Holton BRONZE, Windsor, New York
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Sob stories drive me crazy. As much as i like American Idol, i can't stand when everyone starts telling their stories about death, or drug abuse, or how they got bit by a dog when they were ten. I really don't care.
People get by their whole life on pity. One bad thing happens and all of a sudden you're the little kid who needs protecting from the monster under the bed. What happened to hard work and determination?
Now im not saying that people don't need a break every once in awhile. By all means, cry your eyes out and let loved ones comfort you, but don't expect the whole world to be nice to you. As my mother always says, "No one ever said that life was fair.".
So if you have a sob story, please don't use it for your advantage. Use it to transform yourself and pat the new you on the back for making it this far. If there is one thing i've learned in my sixteen years of life, it's that life is worth living and nothing should slow you down.

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