Beauty is...

October 8, 2009
By inkspired519 BRONZE, Lynbrook, New York
inkspired519 BRONZE, Lynbrook, New York
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Beauty is not one person’s opinion. Beauty is not stated or written down. Beauty is not a fact. Beauty does not have a definition. Beauty can be found everywhere, and anywhere you look. Anywhere where there is love, happiness, joy, and life, there is beauty. Anywhere there is hate, sadness, fear and death, there is beauty. Beauty is all around the world, spreading from religion to religion, race to race, heritage to heritage, person to person, traveling faster then the speed of light. Beauty can be found in the most unexcepted places. There is beauty in a person, on a battlefield, on a baseball field, in a cemetery, and behind a drumkit. One day, everyone will die, the sun and the earth will be destroyed, life will be forgotten and hope will be lost. But Beauty will never die.

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