Magician Paul

October 8, 2009
By Katarabri BRONZE, Dale City, Virginia
Katarabri BRONZE, Dale City, Virginia
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Holy Schnitzels

When I was a girl I met a boy
Who was said to be magician
I met him in a forest long ago
I’ll tell you of my expedition

His hair was blonde and he was tan
His beauty was as alluring as perfume
He was standing on a rolling hill
Silhouetted by the new summer’s moon

In the blink of an eye he was right beside me
He asked me for my name
The words spilled out like a running faucet
As if I were playing his game

Before I spoke he disappeared
He simply vanished into the air
All that was left was his voice in the wind
Echoing without a care

The next day, while I was on my way
To meet my friends at school
I heard one of the cool kids talking
About a magician who’s name was Paul

I wanted to hear a bit more clear
So I stopped along my way
They said he was tall with long blonde hair
I think I met Paul yesterday

So when school ended, I rushed back home
And got out a notebook and pen
I pulled out my laptop and typed in his name
And learned that Paul was a legend

So later that night, while the moon was bright
Perfect for gathering firewood
I saw him standing underneath a tree
I would’ve screamed if I could

He told me it’s funny to see my face
To see all the fear it shows
With all my courage, I retorted back,
“Get ready to be exposed!!”

And just like that his smirk was gone
His body went rigid and tense
His eyes were wild like a cornered prey
As he began to shout his defense

But before he could, I stepped right in
Cutting through the lies in his words
I told him, “Paul you’d better leave”
“Before I show you to the world”

With one last attempt he grabbed my hand
And brought it up to his lips
“Sorry, Love” He told me softly,
“All I wanted was one simple kiss”

And when he vanished, when he was gone
And all that was left was the tree
I could’ve sworn the wind that was blowing
Felt like one last kiss on my cheek

The author's comments:
Um, Hi My name is Brianna and I like drawing.

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