May Death Take You

October 8, 2009
By Daryl Mangosing BRONZE, Barrigada, Other
Daryl Mangosing BRONZE, Barrigada, Other
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What darkness does thy mind enslave
Is it your conscience or is it my crime
Whatever it may be, let it be
For it shall be the result of your demise
So you can just receive it's prize
And take it with all the more desire
So much you will simply die
Or maybe even better: escape into Oblivion
How can this ever be you ask
It is only a matter of precious time
Before you too will experience the evil
That lurks within our hearts just waiting
To be found and let loose upon your
Innocence: something eaten
In the impending doom that awaits you
As you thrust my vile blades in my heart
Who knows; you may be saved
By something unseen by eyes so deep
In the nick of time we call eternal sleep

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