September 28, 2009
By chrabella BRONZE, Moraga, California
chrabella BRONZE, Moraga, California
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The wind blows through my hair
I can actually breathe here
Breathe in this fresh, unpolluted air
Smell the trees that surround me
These tall green trees
Acorns popping out
Moss growing over the branches
Making it be more of a homely effect

Trees are everywhere
They are the essence of the earth
They help us breathe
Each tree has seen so much
They live almost forever
Yet they are still afraid of some things
Afraid of the future and what that holds
One day out of nowhere
Someone comes down and cuts their beauty down
They can’t do anything to stop it from happening
A bolt of lightning can suck away their life
Causing a fire to occur which can spread to others
Making the death be painful and hot
Burning alive
Yet even if one is burned alive, they can sometimes grow back
They have the strength to fight off death
Re-grow starting from the top
Green leaves among a bunch of burned scorches

Yet other trees have a life of just growing toward the sun
Paradoxically they are reaching for a red hot ball of fire
That could kill them instantly
Yet they still grow up toward the sun
Even in the midst of a jungle of trees
They stay close to the ground
What they have always known
Nutrients being sucked up by their roots
They keep their acorns close
That is their only young
They wait until they are old enough
And they fall to their fate
They might be eaten alive by squirrels or birds
Or the water might move them to a comfortable spot
So they can start their new life
Sadly away from their family and friends
They are alone from the beginning

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