Forever Bright

September 28, 2009
A whisper comes from the softest lips
The sound of it full of bliss
I love you
I can't be without you.

Come on and say my name a little louder
I promise you
Our hearts will not shatter
When I'm with you
Nothing else matters
All I can do
Is call out in laughter
So, come on
say it louder.

A strong hand reaches out to catch me
No one knows
That you're all I see
Falling for you comes so easy
Because you stand right beside me.

Reaching for you
Even when you're gone
Finding your hand
And just holding on
Staying up late
Keep the lights on.

I close my eyes
While you sing our song
Stroke your back
Nothing goes wrong
I call out
You speak my name
So long
I've waited for this day.

The sun goes down
But we still shine
Lighting our own way
Forever bright.

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