September 28, 2009
By mjwagner26 BRONZE, Saranac Lake, New York
mjwagner26 BRONZE, Saranac Lake, New York
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They put out this mask
It’s given out for free
On the internet, on T.V., in the papers.
Billboards, cinema, books.
It’s free, so take it.
“Take it, this mask, this attractive mask.
Put it on your face, and accept it.
If you don’t, you’ll be bare.
Slide it on your face.
Keep it there, if you remove it from your cheek bones,
You’ll be freezing.
A face in a crowd of masks.
They scare you.
Attack you, beat you.
They rape you relentlessly, soundlessly.
“Take it, cover it up.
Cover up your sickening, disgusting, filthy face.”
And you do.
You’re gracious that now your face shall be covered,
Protected from the fierce, awakening wind.
There’s no need for holes.
There are ears, eyes, and mouths painted.
It can hear, see, and speak for you.
If you suffocate before you can take it off, not to worry.
They can tie strings to your arms
Your legs
Your head.
Now you can be a puppet with a mask.

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