The Innate Action of a Teenage Soul

September 28, 2009
By Madison Fisher PLATINUM, New City, New York
Madison Fisher PLATINUM, New City, New York
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Sometimes I feel the need to cry
And simply cannot say why

And other times which I can’t track
My mood becomes foul and black

I can’t control or suppress the urge
When indifference and apathy surge

And sometimes a force of energy
Courses through and seizes me

I cannot count the times of fear
When the world is no longer clear

My heart pounds so hard it aches
And my body can’t help but tremble and quake

Or I may act nice and kind
In which case explanations evade my mind

These feelings arrive which I don’t understand
For I don’t know the ways of man

I can’t grasp the workings and psychology
Which claim our soul and mind and body

I can only be the way I feel
I don’t pretend or conceal
I just act real.

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