your scarlet

September 28, 2009
And as the burning desire to hurl myself into your arms decreases with every step you take that gets closer to her, your scarlet.
What am I to you?
Am I just a translucent shadow, fading in the dimming moonlight?
The way your eyes bore into hers as mine to you when you spare just a fraction of a second to me, as that happens very rarley.
How do you see me?
Am I just a specimen of nature, a product of someone who isn't worth your precious time?
The time you spend with your scarlet love.
What do you think of me?
Think; think hard, my love, my dream, my thoughts, my awakening.
A brush of my shoulder against yours is nothing more than a brush of wind upon a branch.
As for myself, I cherish that wind upon that branch.
It is the only token of your nonexistent desire for me, as your desire for scarlet is much stronger than how you see, think, and hear me.
Do well, my love, my dream, my thoughts, my awakening.
For she will care for you, as I do for you.
But always remember to look beyond the wings after you've finished with her unwanted love.

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