September 28, 2009
By , Sunrise, FL
Do you remember,
that day in journalism,
when I sat all alone,
separate from everyone else.
When you walked in late,
fashionable late,
and sat in the chair beside me.
I wanted to ask,
Why would you want to sit next to ME,
when I had nothing to offer,
but awkward tension,
and shy smiles.
I wanted to ask,
but I was much to scared,
that maybe you were'nt a man at all,
only a figment of my imagination,
that maybe just like a dream,
you would one day disappear.
But you stayed...

Everyday, you sat next to me,
and because of you,
only you,
I made myself a promise,
that one day,
I would be just like you,
confident enough
to stand on my own two feet,
happy enough
that I would feel truly beautiful
and fearless enough,
so that one day,
one day,
I would have to courage to say
Thank you.

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