Hearts and Steel Walls

September 30, 2009
By AshleyM BRONZE, Reykjavik, Other
AshleyM BRONZE, Reykjavik, Other
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Hearts are far to fragile.
One small thing.
Can break it into a million pieces.
That's why there's a steel wall
Around my heart
I thought the wall would last forever
But then you came along
You started chipping away at my wall
And bit-by-bit
It was falling
I never thought it would happen
It did
I fell in love
My wall was gone
And I was to far in
Then just as quickly as you came
You left
And you took a piece of my heart
With you
The reasons as to why I had a wall
Came flooding back
And with that hole in my heart
It broke
I put that steel wall back in place
That was my biggest mistake
I went through life alone
And I died alone
With that steel wall around my heart
I felt nothing
But now that my life has passed
And I've looked back at my life
I see
That steel wall
Was the worst thing in my life
So never put up a steel wall
Don't be afraid to fall in love
And when someone breaks your heart
Your prince charming is in the world
He'll come when you least expect it
And he'll help you piece your life together
Always remember
He's out there
It's just a matter of time

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