Mixed Emotions

September 30, 2009
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Mixed Emotions
Ignoring the presence that should not exist.
Doctors walking by.
I pace the silent corridor.
Surpassing the fear
of the sight of my mother,
losing a part of herself.
An older beauty mirrors itself
in a youthful reflection.
Bronze skin lovingly cups
a wrinkled palm.
Empowered yet destroyed.
Childhood floods her memory.
Loving hands embracing hers,
gently kneading white, powdery dough.
Pale green eyes softly peering out the window,
as her children joyfully play in the yard.
A long, deep, and struggled breath.
The closing of her mother’s eyes.
Glassy tears rolling
down a golden cheek.
A slowly bowed head,
knowing her mothers end has come.

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