That was Then, This is Now; Who are You?

September 29, 2009
By nessa_all_over BRONZE, Pembroke Pines, Florida
nessa_all_over BRONZE, Pembroke Pines, Florida
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In ballet a complicated story is impossible to tell...we can't dance synonyms.

Closely-knit from the seam to create a stitch
too tight to break, too close for comfort.
You are the best friend I'd never have again.
Our odds from the start were slim to none.

The pick me up on those Wednesday nights,
Where my first instinct was to rather hide
Than face the hell ahead of me come tomorrow,
You painted a permanent smile that would last.

Just like the old story of the good girls who
Became the "in crowd" and suddenly, cool was
A matter of name-calling and rumor-spreading,
Why have you become another one of them?

This is not the person who could obsess over
His idol for hours and never think of another
Or sing songs that he wished he could write
Even though I knew he could do it himself.

This is not the same person who told me that
One day, no matter what, he would be the one
On stage, singing and doing what he loves,
But now he doubts what he has, what he wants.

You have become a different person, an identity
Unknown to my system, unwelcomed at the least.
The in crowd has corrupted someone I love.
This is not the first case I've seen, however.

I'll give you time to reflect on this new
Choice you've made, this changed person who
I used to adore absolutely, because I know
You know better than what you're up to now.

You're changing, I know, and I can't keep you.
But I want to hold on to what I can just to
Remember that at one point, there was you,
And there was no problem with that.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a good friend who thought he was going to give up on the dreams that he had dwelled on for years, and how he had changed, even though I never wanted that to happen. It was addressed to him so that if he ever saw, he would know that letting go of his dreams would get him nowhere.

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